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Advocacy is an integral part of all programmes of Snehi. Positive Mental Health as well as the recognition of mental health as a cross sectoral issue has been an important directive. Certain steps have been taken in the field of advocacy:

  1. Raising awareness at the community level: Snehi has been working to educate people on positive mental health, mental illness and stigma removal through various community mental health programmes.

  2. Sensitisation of opinion makers: Various conferences, meetings and workshops with opinion makers and media have been held in order to sensitise them on mental health issues.

  3. Inclusion of Mental health in XIth Five year plan: One of our greatest achievement has been our role in the inclusion of Mental Health in general as cross sectoral issue and Child and Adolescent Mental Health in particular in the XIth Five Year Plan (2007-2012).

For this we partnered with many NGOs and CBOs. As an outcome of this brilliant networking and combined efforts, Mental Health as a cross sectoral issue, Psychosocial aspect of Mental Healthcare, Psychosocial and Mental Disabilities and Child and Adolescent Mental Health finally found their place in the final XIth Five Year Plan (2007-2012), for the first time in the planning process of India.

Our Future Vision:

Snehi and its partners aspire to ensure that the plan and policies that are recommended in the XIth Plan are put into practice on field. Innovative and effective schemes need to be adopted in respective ministries to achieve ‘Positive Mental Health as a fundamental right.


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