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As a human being, one must understand that being compassionate towards those in need can sometimes help make a big difference….even with a small gesture….

Walk with us……..

You can help us and our mission in so many ways…..

You can help us by being sensitive towards people with mental illnesses and their families, by bringing us to their notice so that they can seek help. You can try to be more responsive towards the needs of your children and can provide a patient and listening ear to your friends and family members. You can help us by realising the need for positive mental health.

We only ask you to help us help others because we believe that all one needs is someone to listen to their problems and help them come out of their shells by not just guidance but also love and compassion.

We want to see a tomorrow which brings with it a fulfillment of the right to mental well-being for all, that we as a family of Snehi, see.

Volunteer with us……

If you think you are a patient listener and are willing to offer love, compassion, guidance and most of all, your time to others, you can be a part of our family and help make a small difference that can touch the lives of many in several ways.

To enroll as a volunteer with Snehi, please click here to fill the form.

Make a Donation.....

You can donate for any of our programmes. Your Donations are eligible for Tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961, 80 G.

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