Our Story

“Living in shreds, I gathered all that was left,
I looked at my misery and cried for help,
And then a light came into my life,
Bringing me Aastha to continue living despite the suffering I faced.

Snehi has worked with women, children and girls living in slum areas who have been victims of sexual abuse or domestic violence.
Aastha was one such programme which had been undertaken from the year 1999-2004 in the slum area of Yamuna Pushta. This project aimed to counsel victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.
Through Aastha, the staff, counsellors and volunteers of Snehi were able to help around 385 victims and survivors from Yamuna Pusta. However this project was discontinued in 2004 due to the demolishment of the slum area and relocation of the community people to Bawana..

This programme ran for a period of 6 years from 1999-2005 in partnership with Karam Marg, a home for destitute children. Under this, street children and runaway children at the railway stations were identified and provided psychological intervention and rehabilitation. They were counselled and referred to Karam Marg for shelter and rehabilitation.
This programme was successful in reaching out to and helping about 1000 children and adolescents.

Helping child to Mental health and Psychological

Mental ealth is a state of successful performance of the mind, resulting in productive activities, fulfilling relationships, and the ability to adopt to change and cope with adversity.

Mental health is indispensable to personal well-being, family and interpersonal relationships, and a positive contribution to society

It is easy to overlook the value of mental health until problems surface... yet from childhood till death, mental health is a springboard of thinking, communication, learning, emotional growth, resilience and self - esteem