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Positive Mental Health in Covid-19

Donation Cause
Saving lives & helping people to remain productive during COVID-19 by preventing suicides, promoting wellbeing & positive mental health through telephonic counseling & therapy.

Our Appeal
Kindly donate generously to Snehi to sustain and upscale its services to save lives and to help people in emotional distress to remain productive.
Pandemic has put mental health burden on individuals at an unprecedented scale along with enormous economic and social distress.

About Us
Snehi has been working with people primarily to promote well-being & positive mental health, to prevent suicides, mental disorders, psychosocial disorders, and psychosocial disabilities (called mental illness also), and to ensure human rights & dignity of people with psychosocial disabilities since 1994.
Snehi has been carrying capacity building & education courses & programmes to bridge the huge gap of trained professionals and to reduce stigma around mental health in our society. Snehi has been engaged in effective advocacy with policy and opinion makers to have better and conducive policy and programmes for the well being and positive mental health of people. Right from beginning its major focus is children, adolescents and young people. You can visit our website to have a glimpse (though at present website is under construction). Snehi works for mental health care, unfortunately the most neglected area of human sufferings in our society or in any society in the world.

Organiser details
SNEHI स्नेही - An Organisation for Psychosocial Support and Mental Health Care.
Healthy Minds. A Healthy India.
B-347, Vasant Kunj Enclave, New Delhi-110070 India
M: +91-9582208181

Tax exemption details
Snehi is a not for profit organisation. Donations to Snehi are exempted under Section 80G of IT Act.

About our Covid-19 helpline
The massive impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic has put lots of burden on individual’s wellbeing and mental health along with socioeconomic burden. Consequently many have been feeling overwhelming emotions (anxiety, fear…) and perplexed. Due to continuing lockdown (partial or full) and uncertainty one does not know how to manage all alone to unburden. Sharing with someone will help you to regain wellbeing and positive emotions.
Please share this message in your network through different social media platforms. Your kind gesture will help many to seek help in time to feel good and regain their wellbeing.